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TOPS Club, Inc. is a nonprofit, noncommercial weight-loss support organization. In an industry filled with quick fixes and fad diets, TOPS is an affordable and evidence-based program that encourages members to make small, steady lifestyle changes that provide lasting weight loss and better health.

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We are a network of thousands of weight-loss support groups (called chapters) in every U.S. state and Canadian province. TOPS is also on the forefront of obesity and metabolic research.

Resources for Patients and Clients

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  • Literature to refer your overweight, diabetic or bariatric clients to TOPS. We're nonprofit, noncommercial, and scientifically proven to be as effective as other weight loss programs but more affordable.

  • Wellness news and tips available to reprint in patient education handouts, websites and blogs, and newsletters
  • Information for starting an on-site weight-loss support chapter for patients and/or community members

Proof It Works

Evidence-Based Weight Loss

Research finds TOPS helps members experience clinically significant weight loss—and helps them keep it off. Visit the following to learn more:

TOPS Supports Research

TOPS is on the forefront of obesity and metabolic research and has donated more than $8.2 million toward research at the TOPS Center for Obesity and Metabolic Research. Review highlights from the TOPS Center’s history (PDF) and learn more about our ongoing support of obesity research:

TOPS Research Achievement Award: The Obesity Society


Each year, as part of The Obesity Society Meeting, TOPS recognizes a scientist who has made major contributions to the field of obesity research. Recent recipients of the TOPS Achievement Award include:

  • Dr. Andrew S. Greenberg 2015
  • Michael Goran, Ph.D. - 2014
  • Stephen O'Rahilly, M.D. – 2013
  • Thomas A. Wadden, Ph.D. – 2012
  • Samuel Klein, M.D. – 2011
  • Michael D. Jensen, M.D. – 2010
  • David B. Allison, Ph.D. – 2009
  • Walter J. Pories, M.D. – 2008


Endorsements from Healthcare Professionals

GearsTOPS is a wonderful organization and helps with the support that individuals need to make positive lifestyle changes.
-Holly W., RN, CDE, Florida

As a dietitian, I am so grateful for TOPS. I know the programs have helped many people achieve physical goals as well as improved quality of life and new positive relationships. -Amy E., MPH, RD, LD, Birmingham, Alabama