TOPS Weight-loss Resources

When you become a TOPS member, here are some of the great resources available to assist you on your weight-loss journey. If you're member, you can sign into your account now and shop in the store. 

Prices and availability are subject to change. All prices are in US dollars.

My Day One

My Day One

This ready-set-go guide to healthy living is given to
every member free of charge upon joining.  It is
also available for purchase singly and in sets of
five to those members who want additional copies.
* Included in Membership./ Replacements $1.75
TOPS News Magazine


Members receive a subscription to TOPS News 
magazine, which is published bimonthly. Members
may purchase back issues while supplies last. 
* Included in Membership / Replacements $2.
Hand on laoptop

Online Trackers, Tools and Info

Online tools on the members-only website are
available to traditional chapter members as
well as online members.  
* Included in Membership
Real Life Book

Real Life

Real Life: The Hands-on Pounds-off Guide—300+
pages of the latest nutrition, fitness, motivational and
medical information available.
*Available at a discount to new members / Regularly $19 

Food Exchange Cards and Holder

These handy cards are small enough to fit in a pocket
or purse (approx 2.5" x 3.5"). Designed to help you lose
weight by tracking exchanges. When you count exchanges,
you're actually counting calories, fat, carbs and protein
all at once.
* Included free with Real Life guide / $2.50
My Real Progress

My Real Progress

Studies show that people who write down what they
eat lose twice as much weight as those who don't.
This handy booklet, small enough to take anywhere,
allows you to track your food, exercise and progress
for three months. $3 or set of 4 for $10
Nutrition in the Fast Lane

Nutrition in the Fast Lane

Provides calorie counts and food exchange values for
dozens of popular restaurant chains, so you can eat
healthier on the go. $5 


Make exercise easy to fit in at work, at home or while
traveling. Great for all ability levels. Set of two bands
and sample exercises. $10
Food Exchange tracker app

Food Exchange Tracker App

TOPS Food Exchange Tracker App is based on the
popular Food Exchange Cards used by thousands of
TOPS members. It’s a convenient new way for those
already familiar with the Food Exchange System to track
daily exchanges, water and activity. $2.99