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At the 2018 International Recognition Days event in Montréal, Quebec, at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, TOPS honored the 2017 International Division Winners. Division Winners are recognized within divisions which are based on members' starting weights of each year. Winners lost the most weight within their division during the calendar year. A little healthy competition usually provides extra motivation for our members.

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Female Winners

First Place Winners

before and after
Candy H. - Lost  122.40 lb.
Division 1

I was named Candy when I was a little girl. Maybe my folks should have named me kale or zucchini. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t blame it all on my name, but my eating was definitely out of control. I yo-yo dieted throughout my 20s, 30s, 40s and yep, you guessed it, 50s. I had tried TOPS before and did not have any inkling of rejoining, but I found myself sitting with so many smiling and supportive people who were willing to help. I said right there I was rejoining TOPS to be a part of this wonderful family. That was five or six years ago. I stand here for all the people who think there’s no hope. I stand here for my family and grandkids. But most of all, I stand here for me! Let me leave you with this thought: A winner is a loser who has tried one more time.

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Dori S. - Lost 107.60 lb.
Division 2 & TX Queen

I rejoined TOPS in 2016 because I wanted to be healthy and I needed the support. I never could lose weight on my own. Throughout 2017, I made small steady lifestyle changes. I reduced processed sugar, started tracking my food, learned portion control and became more active. I started with water aerobics and after losing a substantial amount of weight, I started participating regularly in Zumba, walking in 5Ks or just taking a long walk. In one year, I went from being a couch potato to exercising at least 6 days a week. I contribute my success to the accountability of TOPS and the continued support and encouragement my friends and family. I became a KOPS on December 16, 2017.

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Millie J. - Lost  61.50 lb.
Division 4

My history was of yo-yo dieting most of my adult life, gaining a few more pounds every time the cycle went up. After an unexpected battle with cancer, I suddenly gained a new appreciation for living, and losing that lifelong weight was at the core of a commitment to live a new healthy lifestyle. My husband had also struggled with weight his entire life, so when it came time to lose those pounds it made sense we do it together. We needed a program that would give us freedom to eat the foods that we love, and yet control the portions to meet our goal. So we found TOPS. My dog was even part of the journey, taking longer and longer walks every day. He is a motivational tool everyone should have. Thank you TOPS and the Tuesday morning group for your motivation and support.

Second Place Winners

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Mary A. - Lost 87.40 lb. 
Division 3 & NY Queen

Quitting TOPS was a bad habit for me. Usually after 3 months of dieting, I would throw up my hands and say, “I’m done!” and not go back. When we moved to New York, I felt terrible and I knew I needed to lose weight, and the only way to do that was to face the scales every week at TOPS. When people asked how I lost the weight, there was only one answer: “I didn’t cheat this time.” I stuck with it. After being a serial quitter for 30 years, I’ve learned sticking with it is worth the effort to stay healthy. I reached goal on October 23, 2017 and it was the most thrilling day! Thank you to my TOPS pals, family and friends for all their encouragement along the way.

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Rebecca Z. - Lost 59.25 lb.
Division 4

My life changed the day my son first noticed I wasn’t as skinny as the other mothers. “Mom, why aren’t you like all the other moms?” I knew that moving forward I was going to have to make some drastic changes in my life. I tried to lose weight on my own, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I was reading my local paper and found a TOPS support group. I joined in January of 2017, and ever since then my life has changed for the better. I love my chapter and all the women in it. We have such a supportive and loving group of women. Thank you!

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Connie A. - Lost 85.00 lb.
Division 7

I was always discouraged at the length of time it would take to diet to get to a healthy weight—so I just gave up. Early 2017, I decided it was time to address my weight problem. I saw my cousin, Sharon, posting on Facebook about her weight-loss group, so I decided to try it out. I also convinced a co-worker who wanted to lose weight to come try TOPS with me. I have not missed a single meeting since starting. My greatest desire was to be able to walk without a walker. I achieved that after attending TOPS for seven months. I also started walking in the pool at the YMCA before work. As my weight decreased, my mobility increased. I am so grateful for my weight loss and with this support, I will someday stand here as a KOPS member.

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Nicol R. - Lost 124.75 lb.
Division 9

In 1984, my mom and her friend Pat decided to start a chapter so we could all lose weight together. I did very well at the time, but I honestly feel like my goal weight was too low and set me up to fail. My weight was a roller coaster for years after, with more inclines than downward swoops. In 2016, my insurance started covering weight-loss surgery. My family and friends were very supportive. I was notified that I was a Division Winner at chapter the same night I reached my goal weight. I have never been so happy! Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking this was the easy way out, but if I could leave one piece of advice, it would just be simply to believe in yourself. It may seem selfish, but this is the only life we get. So make the most of it.