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Celebrating 75 years with TOPS Club

(Last updated October 31, 2023)

TOPS 75th Anniversary 1948-20023 

TOPS Club is ringing in its 75th year – and we plan to celebrate throughout 2023.

It was January 1948 when Esther Manz founded the group Taking Off Pounds Sensibly, after gathering with a small group of friends and consulting with her doctor about her idea. Esther’s thought was, meeting with other dieters for mutual encouragement would help people support each other to thinner figures and better health.

The group catapulted to success. It grew from a kitchen table in Milwaukee to 2,500 members across the Midwest by 1952, expanded into Canada in 1955, TOPS was contributing to medical research centered around obesity; launched retreats in the ‘70s, published a Food Exchange system in the ‘80s, and all along the way, membership kept on growing. Today, TOPS has an online program for people who might prefer that model or who live too far to attend in-person chapter meetings.

TOPS remains that same organization it started as: All about support, accountability, lasting friendships and connections, and plentiful resources – today the group offers recipes, TOPS Talks, featuring the latest from the health and inspirational community, meal planning ideas, workouts, chapter resources and more.

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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the winners of the luckiest duck contest have been chosen!