TOPS Success Stories

"Losing weight was not a quick process, and I was never on a diet. It was a daily choice, and for it to work it has to be just that—a choice."

— Clara W.

Clara W. - Lost 216.75 lb. -  2014 International Queen

Height: 5' 10"    Achievement: 216.75 lb. lost with TOPS    Chapter: TOPS TX 0284 Farmers Branch

My inspiration started with my grandson, Isaac. I was a size 36 and realized that if I didn’t get my weight under control soon, I wasn’t going to be around for my family much longer.

Being overweight is like prison. The less you move, the bigger you get. The bigger you get, the more you hurt. The more you hurt, the less you move. It’s a vicious cycle.

I had been struggling with my weight my whole life, but it was shortly after my dad had lost over 100 pounds that I was motivated to really try again. If he could do it, then I could, too. I felt like I could do it this time and be free once and for all.

I joined TOPS in 2011 with my friend Patty, and this is where my new life began. Everyone in our group is so caring as they cheer me on each week. I want to thank them all, because without their support, I would not have had the courage to keep going on this journey.

I started eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer processed foods. I started walking, riding a stationary bike and using one of Leslie Sansone’s workouts. Now, I’m able to run three miles almost daily. It’s amazing what your body can accomplish. Losing weight was not a quick process, and I was never on a diet. It was a daily choice, and for it to work it has to be just that—a choice.

My doctor has taken me off diabetes and blood pressure medications. I feel much better and can do things that I could only dream of before. I had been heavy since second grade, so it’s hard to believe that I could be anything different. I don’t want to look like someone else, or have the body of a model. I just want to be the best me that I can be and “keep off pounds sensibly.”

It was not a fast race, but a slow journey of change. Each day I get up and make a new commitment to eat healthy and exercise. I learned that I was worth the effort and started taking the steps necessary to succeed. Anything worthwhile is difficult, but when you accomplish your goal, you’ll be proud.

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TOPS can't do the work for you. You only get out of TOPS what you put into it. We can't guarantee weight loss just by attending meetings, but we can offer support through each stage of your weight-loss journey. Your results may vary.