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10 Ways to Get Stepping

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TOPS 10 Walking Tips

TOPS is challenging members to become more active — excellent idea! How do you get started? Keep reading.

  1. Find a fun and interesting place to walk where you feel safe. If you live in a place where walking seems unsafe, find a park, mall or gym where you feel comfortable.
  2. Make walking a game. Get an odometer or tracking device and count your steps. Set a daily goal for yourself, and then keep going until you reach it. Or just try to beat yesterday’s total!
  3. Walk on sidewalks where possible. If walking on streets, always face oncoming traffic.
  4. If there are icy conditions, consider wearing crampons. Metal spikes or coils attached to the soles of your boots or shoes prevent slipping and sliding on ice and snow to keep you upright and safe.
  5. Walk during the day. If you walk after dark, stick to well-lit streets, wear reflective accessories and light-colored clothing, use a headlamp or a flashlight and be sure to carry a cell phone.
  6. Unsteady on your feet? Hold onto your walker and walk in place for a few minutes at a time. If watching TV, try to keep walking in place throughout commercial breaks.
  7. Find a buddy. You’re more likely to stick with a walking program if you're working out with a friend or two. Get some TOPS pals together and start moving.
  8. Improve your balance and stability with walking poles. Poles help you maintain proper posture and relieve some of the stress from your lower back, hips and knees.
  9. If you're physically unable to walk for a long period, or you simply lack the time, walk for five minutes. Time spent walking adds up, even if you're only doing it in five-minute increments.
  10. Listen to your body. If you feel like you need to take a break, take one! Don’t push so hard today that you can’t get out tomorrow. You're in this for the long-haul.

The information presented is educational and may not suit an individual’s particular health situation. Always check with a licensed healthcare professional before beginning a new exercise program.

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