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 10 Ways to Get Your Family Moving at the Beach or a Park

The beach or park are the perfect places for you and your family to ramp up the summer fun. Bring your own equipment (or use what’s already there) to get fresh air and some exercise!

  1. Collect rocks or sea shells at the beach — they make beautiful natural art!
  2. Head out kayaking, or jump in an inner tube and float down a lazy river.
  3. Take your hiking boots or bike and find the road less traveled.
  4. Check your community calendar to scope out fitness classes in the park. You may find a tai chi class, fun run or maybe even goat yoga.
  5. Hula hoops, jump ropes and beach balls turn any picnic into a party!
  6. Show your team spirit by starting up a fun game of beach volleyball or badminton.
  7. Join your kids or grandkids on the monkey bars, seesaws and slides at the local park.
  8. Oar you near a lake? Work your legs with some paddleboarding.
  9. Gather a few buckets and make sand sculptures like a castle or mermaid’s tail.
  10. Grab a racquet or ball, and join in a pick-up game of tennis or soccer.

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