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10 Ways to Stay Active This Winter

Dance/Walk/Ski - Your Blues Away

Have the winter blahs set in? One way to brush off the seasonal blues and keep the happy vibes flowing is to get moving. Check out these ten ways to stay active:

  1. Check with your local recreation center to see what winter activities are available. You may find dance classes, gentle yoga or even candlelit snowshoeing.
  2. Set a timer to get up EHOH — every hour on the hour — throughout the day. Moving for just four minutes at a time every hour, for eight hours, adds up to 30 minutes of activity!
  3. Challenge a friend to see who can get a higher step count for the week.
  4. Flip through past issues of TOPS News for a little fit-spiration with workout suggestions.
  5. Follow a free workout class online. Websites like YouTube have many free fitness class options.
  6. Take your pup to the dog park for a winter stroll — cute dog sweaters are optional.
  7. Grab a resistance band (sets which are generally available from $10 – $20) and perform bicep curls and shoulder presses while you watch television or listen to music.
  8. Baking for the holiday festivities? Dance to your favorite holiday songs while you wait for your eats and treats to bake.
  9. Rent cross country skis and explore a nearby trail. This is a fun and low-impact cardio and strength workout.
  10. Be a kid again and go sledding with your kids or grandkids.

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