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5 Ideas to Stay Active With After-School Fun

By Kelly K. James, ACE-CPT

Many family members today spend a lot of time on their screens. While smartphones and game consoles may be a constant temptation, there are plenty of ways to help the whole gang get (and stay) more active. Here are five after-school activities that, done for 15–20 minutes, will help everyone meet their healthy goals. Besides that, they’re fun, too!

  1. Hopscotch This classic game tests your aim and balance.
  2. Scavenger hunt Make a list of items (a cardinal or blue shutters on a house, for example) for you and the kids to move around and find.
  3. Frisbee Tossing a Frisbee is more about skill than strength, which makes it a great activity for all ages.
  4. Backyard games Do you still have a croquet set? Or how about beanbag-toss equipment? Set up the game and enjoy some friendly competition.
  5. H-O-R-S-E Use a nearby basketball hoop to take turns shooting baskets from different spots around the court. If you make one and one of the kids misses, s/he gets an “H.” The person who spells out H-O-R-S-E first loses.
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