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10 Ways to Get the Whole Family Moving

Family On Bikes

Instead of your family lounging in front of the TV for the night, why not head outside and walk to a nearby park? Regular physical activity is key to losing and maintaining weight, yet too many of us do not get enough exercise, according to the U.S. surgeon general’s Report on Physical Activity and Health. Try these ten ways to get your whole family moving:

  1. Walk the dog after dinner. Or just go for a walk! You could also sign up as a family for a charity walk/run.
  2. Pedal along a bike trail, and experience the fresh air on your skin.
  3. Go to the park to play tennis. This is a great teaching opportunity if the kids are new to the courts.
  4. Shoot hoops. Engage in a friendly game of basketball using the hoop in your yard—or one at a park or gym. Losing team washes dishes for a week!
  5. Join a family-friendly fitness center, where each family member can find an activity that suits him/her. Stick to a schedule, even if you go just once a week.
  6. Play volleyball at the beach, and put an active twist on feeling the sand between your toes.
  7. Sign up for a family class through your local recreation department. You could learn scuba diving, hip-hop dancing, or Tae Kwon Do, among many other active pursuits.
  8. Head to a miniature golf course for a game—which doubles as putting practice for any “real” golfers in the family.
  9. Take a family yoga class. Many yoga studios offer classes and workshops designed specifically for families, while teens and preteens are often welcome to attend adult classes with a parent.
  10. Roam the zoo. If your family really enjoys trips to the zoo, consider buying a family membership to encourage regular visits.
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