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3 Tips for making a breakfast (sandwich) of champions



  1. Prioritize protein. Nothing against carbs or fat (we love you both), but protein will help you feel fuller, longer. And you won’t get the mid-morning slump that tends to follow high-sugar treats like pastries.
  2. Make sure you pick up the five breakfast sandwich staples the next time you hit the store: eggs or your favorite egg substitute, English muffins or whole grain wraps, vegetables (more on this below), cheese and your favorite sauce.
  3. Vary your veggies. Vegetables may seem like an odd suggestion, but hear us out. The crunch of fresh spinach and zip of thinly sliced red onion make solid additions to any breakfast sandwich. Freshly sliced tomatoes (technically a fruit) are also a delicious option. And if you really want to pack a nutritious punch, add microgreens, which are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

Bonus: Top with the perfect sauce. Hot sauce, a zesty salsa or even a dab of mayo helps bring all the flavors together.

Now let's talk about the perfect assembly. Start by scrambling your eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper, or cook them sunny-side-up if you prefer a runny yolk. Toast your English muffins or warm up your whole grain wraps for a sturdy base.

Next, layer on those vibrant veggies, then top with cheese which should melt into a mouthwatering blanket.

Finally, drizzle your favorite sauce over the morning masterpiece you've created.

And voilà! You have a wholesome, protein-packed breakfast sandwich that will power you through the morning. Plus, it's much more budget-friendly and healthier than fast-food alternatives.

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