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Focus on Nutrition

During summer, seasonal produce can be less expensive and easily found at the store or market. The downside? Fresh produce can spoil quickly. If you find yourself buying in bulk, here are some ways to help make the most of your fresh summer produce!

  1. Freshen up with a salad. Salads are a perfect way to load up on a lot of veggies in one sitting. There’s almost no wrong way to make a healthy salad (unless it’s with mostly high-calorie dressing or toppings), so have fun and experiment!
  2. Throw it in a wok. Throw some raw veggies in a wok cooking pan for a colorful and healthy stir-fry. Made too much? Freeze it for your next dinner.
  3. Power up with a juice. Because it takes a substantial amount of produce to make a full glass of juice, this is a great way to use up extra produce. Add some mango to your orange juice, or experiment with some greens.
  4. Grilling season. Tired of pan-frying? Toss some raw veggies on the grill, and add them to your meal, salad or snack.
  5. Blend it. Toss some seasonal summer produce in your next smoothie, or try making your own salad dressing with some olive oil, vinegar and favorite spices.
  6. The final touch. Garnish your summer drink with some fresh basil or a slice of strawberry.
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