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8 Ways to Show You Care Without the Sweets

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February is Heart Month and a great time to let your loved ones know that supporting your goals is a great expression of love and the best thing they can do for you. Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day with chocolate or candy this year, check out these ideas.

  1. Black coffee (or tea) is a guilt-free treat.
  2. Start an herb garden and watch it grow! Try your herbs in new recipes.
  3. Host a couple’s game night and let the friendly rivalry commence!
  4. Jewelry is always well received.
  5. Write a love letter.
  6. Real hugs and kisses are always better than chocolate ones.
  7. Whether it’s a fruit basket, flower bouquet or succulent garden, nature has the sweetest gifts.
  8. Be your own Valentine! Make a self-care kit for you. Scented soaps and bubble bath are a great start.
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