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9 Ways to Set Your Table for Success

Table Settings with candle, yellow plate and pumpkin

Make tonight’s dinner an event! Your table can be a thing of beauty, helping you slow down and really appreciate what you’re eating this evening.

  1. Start by picking the table you’re going to set. Forget the coffee table in front of the TV. Your house has a dining room — or a kitchen — for a reason. Even if you have a really nice coffee table, it’s probably not as nice as the one in your dining room or kitchen. You’re worth eating at the nice table.
  2. Clear the clutter off the table. Is your table is a catchall for bills, newspapers and kid stuff? It might take an extra five minutes, but it’s good to start with a clean slate.
  3. Get one really fun, washable tablecloth or a set of standout placemats for your special table. Plastic placemats are convenient because they can be wiped off, but use whatever speaks to you and fits your lifestyle.
  4. Get out your good china, your good silverware and your good glasses. They’re meant to be used more than just on holidays and birthdays. And “good” is arbitrary — whether it’s a TOPS Portion Plate or your great aunt’s china — do what feels special to you.
  5. Accent everything with real napkins. Whether you use cloth or paper, that’s up to you, but fold or place a napkin at every setting. If you’re extra ambitious, there are videos online that can teach you how to artfully fold a napkin. This can be a great activity to do with kiddos or grand-kiddos, too.
  6. Remember those candles you got for your wedding or bought from your neighbor’s kid for a school fundraiser? Take them out. Unless you have little ones running around, light a candle every now and then. This isn’t just for romantic meals, either. Lighting a candle or two or three can just make a meal seem special.
  7. So can flowers. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers just because (and just because is a good enough reason). If you or a friend is a gardener, you can also grow yourself a bouquet. If you don’t have fresh flowers, set out a dried bouquet, maybe sitting in your favorite glass pitcher.
  8. Turn on some good music — whatever your musical tastes may be — and let yourself relax while sitting down to eat or drink. Music can help create the atmosphere you desire.
  9. Place — not plop or glop — food on the plates you’re using. Sprinkle fresh or dried herbs on top. Now you’re ready to savor your meal. Enjoy!
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