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Hygge What? It's Time To Get Cozy

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As the days grow shorter, many of us are getting reacquainted with cooler, seasonal temps. With less sunshine to soak up, it’s time to get a little creative with how we’re spending our time while still practicing self-care. Winter doesn’t have to be bleak. Let us introduce you to hygge.

Hygge (pronounced “HOO-gah”) is a Danish concept that embraces a sense of coziness and feeling of contentment. If you find comfort in the simple things, you’ve probably experienced hygge without even realizing. It’s about slowing down, reconnecting with ourselves and others, and making the ordinary extraordinary. To embrace hygge, you likely don’t even need to purchase anything special.

And considering that Denmark is consistently ranked one of the world’s happiest countries despite their long, blustery winters, maybe we could learn a thing or two from our Danish friends. Try our tips for creating a hygge state of mind yourself, no matter the weather or time of year.

Put your phone away

We know it can be hard to go without the constant notifications and feel like you’re missing out on texts, chats, and social media. Give your brain a chance to rest and unwind from the constant stimulation, at least for a few hours.

Break out the candles and dim the lights

You don’t need anything fancy, and you probably already have a few in your home right now. Set the stage for cozy with a soft glow that will lift your spirits.

Make time for a soak

Forget the hustle and bustle, and end the day with a relaxing bath before bedtime. There’s nothing quite like getting out of the tub and going straight under soft covers.

Whip up a new, healthy recipe

Check out the TOPS Recipes of the Month for hearty, better-for-you ideas using rich flavors of the season.

Pick up a good book and a chunky blanket

Settle in with a good old-fashioned novel—no e-book or tablet required. Snuggle up and wrap yourself in added comfort.

Create a fresh floral ritual

Stop at your local flower shop or market for a bouquet of seasonal blooms. Picking up a simple arrangement (whether weekly or just periodically) will make you smile while brightening your kitchen or coffee table.

Unwind with a cup of hot cocoa or tea

Treat yourself to a soothing sip that will warm your spirit. It doesn’t have to be an expensive brand—just a flavor that you enjoy.

Take a brisk evening walk with a TOPS pal

Listen to the stillness of the night as you plot your course and connect with others. Be present in the moment. (But safety first: Don’t forget to wear a piece of neon clothing or carry a light.)

Use the "good" china

Make every day special and use the plates and glassware that you save only for special occasions. You’re worth it!

Gather together

Is it still warm in your neck of the woods? Consider setting up an outdoor movie night in your backyard. Or invite a friend to have a picnic in the park! Whether you’re enjoying your own company or with others, step outside to create memorable, hygge moments.

Watch your favorite movie from when you were a kid

Revisiting an old favorite is like the equivalent of getting a big hug or enjoying comfort food (without the calories).

To learn more about hygge, visit the official website of Denmark,

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