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6 Ways to Have a Healthier Workday

healthy food on work desk

The average adult spends the majority of their day at work. Even if your workday includes a trip to the gym afterward, it’s the choices you make during the day that can have a significant impact on your health and weight.

  1. Make time between regular workday tasks to fit in extra activity or steps.
  2. Pack healthy snacks, like almonds, apples with peanut butter, or carrot sticks with hummus.
  3. Set an alarm to get up and move every hour.
  4. Bring your lunch from home. Packing a lunch tends to be healthier because you’re planning your food choices ahead of time. (It can also save you money!)
  5. Keep a water bottle handy and refill it often.
  6. Be active during your lunch break. Go for a 15-minute walk before you eat.
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