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The TOPS 10 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine

TOPS 10 Ways to Regroup After a Setback

This Valentine’s Day, give yourself a little TLC. Make time to restore balance to your mind, body and spirit to manage stress, find rest and improve your quality of life. You deserve it!

  1. Be kind to yourself—and your stomach—by cooking a delicious, healthy meal. Follow it up by nourishing your soul with a cup of hot tea.

  2. Give yourself flowers. Arrange a beautiful bouquet or brighten up your space with a flowering plant. Healthy bonus: Houseplants can improve indoor air quality.

  3. Treat yourself to a massage. You don’t have to spend a lot of money! Warm up coconut oil or sesame oil for a simple yet soothing self-massage.

  4. Sink yourself into a tub, and wash away your worries. Epsom salt with a lavender scent can relieve sore muscles after exercise and help you relax with aromatherapy.

  5. Pamper yourself by soaking your feet and giving yourself a pedicure. Skip the polish if you prefer, but do consider how far your feet have taken you.

  6. Dress up. Looking good makes us feel good, so put on your favorite outfit for an extra boost of confidence.

  7. Head to a yoga class or just practice some of the poses previously featured in TOPS News. Tune in to your breath and relax.

  8. Allow yourself to rest more fully with a nap, especially if you didn’t get enough sleep the previous night. Then wake up refreshed.

  9. Begin the TOPS Self-Care Program, available in the Members Area. It includes tips for reducing stress, realizing your dreams and more.

  10. Love yourself first. Reflect on your strengths, and pause in gratitude for these gifts. Then think about how you can share them with others.

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