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The TOPS 10 Ways to Regroup After a Setback

TOPS 10 Ways to Regroup After a Setback

At times as you work toward reaching your goal weight, you may get discouraged and feel like giving up, especially if you have a gain. On those days, give these tips a try:

  1. Remember how far you’ve come. Pull out an old photo and consider: “What was I doing and how was I feeling at this time last year?”
  2. Talk to someone who motivates you – a cheerleader in your life, like a friend, parent, sibling or mentor.
  3. Forgive yourself for a bad day and move on. Tomorrow is a new day and another chance to get back on track.
  4. Do something you love. What cheers you up – cooking, playing with your pet, or immersing yourself in a good book, for example?
  5. Move. Exercise boosts your mood. Even simply walking your dog around the neighborhood can make you feel better.
  6. Laugh. Play your go-to sitcom or head to the theater to see the latest funny film and get your mind off your day.
  7. Pause to think about your triumphs. How much weight have you already lost? Do your clothes feel looser? Have you been eating more fruits and vegetables?
  8. Put things in perspective and help someone in need. Give your time toward a worthy cause.
  9. Return to what inspires you – your favorite songs, quotes or poems. Let them motivate you to stay the course.
  10. Imagine your life after you achieve your weight-loss goal. What are you doing? How do you feel?

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