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Maggie's Generous Spirit

A Longtime Member Made Plans to Continue Her Support of TOPS

By Board Member Karen Tinlin

As seen in TOPS NEWS Dec 2013/Jan 2014

I have never met a more unpretentious, more giving person than Margaret Anne (“Maggie”) Cooper. As Maggie’s Coordinator, I witnessed her generosity every year as she spent hundreds of dollars on promotional items to give to her TOPS chapter for incentives, contests and recognition. For many years, she paid for memberships for everyone in a TOPS chapter started at her Los Angeles church, while she herself was a member of another chapter, TOPS CA 0557 Placentia.

As a charter member of that chapter founded in 1964, Maggie served as Leader in the early days, later taking positions as Co-Leader, Secretary and Treasurer. Years later, when it became difficult for her to get around without a wheelchair, fellow member Judy Newberry remembers that Maggie still came regularly to TOPS meetings. Judy says many families would not have gotten by without the support that Maggie gave them. Another member, Molly Muro, remembers how her mother was the recipient of Maggie’s thoughtfulness. Molly’s mom lost 103.5 pounds to reach her goal weight and become TOPS royalty. “After the recognition ceremony, when people were congratulating Mom, Maggie came up to her, hugged her and gave her an envelope,” Molly says. “Later Mom said that Maggie had told her, ‘This is for you, Sally. I want you to use it on you.’ Mom was very touched. When Mom passed away later that year, I was sorting through her envelopes and found Maggie’s. It contained some nice words and $103.50.” Molly and her brother used it to honor their mother.

Maggie’s kindness was also felt throughout her career as an educator. She taught at Valencia High School, Fullerton College and Orange County Juvenile Hall, and she was a Sunday school teacher for 55 years. She helped many students in need and established scholarships for women studying math and science.

*Margaret Cooper died in 2011. We honor her contributions to TOPS.