Important Updates 

Ongoing safety guidelines

(Last reviewed March 17, 2022) Shifting circumstances have posed challenges to states, provinces and local communities in different ways at different times. TOPS continues to stress safety, personal responsibility and adherence to all legal orders in effect in your area. Policies apply across TOPS Nation. However, since infection rates and government restrictions vary widely by area, decisions are being made at the state and provincial level. Your Coordinator is your best source for area-specific information. You can find his or her contact information by typing your ZIP or postal code in Find a Meeting.

Questions About Membership and Meetings

What are the guidelines for chapter meetings?

Chapters may meet under most circumstances

May I transfer to online meetings?

Yes! Since 2021, all members have the option to join our Online Chapter meetings. Learn more.

What about KOPS Members?

Please refer to the KOPS section in the Members Area for more information.

How do I renew my membership so I don't miss my TOPS News?

Members may renew online or mail renewals directly to Headquarters. TOPS no longer requires chapter checks for renewals. Personal checks and credit cards are accepted in US and Canadian funds. If you do not have your renewal form, you may use a TOPS membership application, available in the Members Area under Forms

Will TOPS require COVID-19 vaccinations or waivers to attend chapter meetings or events?

No. There are many reasons why a member may not be able or inclined to get a vaccine.

  • TOPS will not mandate vaccinations or require a signed waiver to attend a meeting.
  • TOPS does not condone the practice of asking members if they have been vaccinated.
  • TOPS expects its members to comply with local guidelines and laws at their meetings and events.
  • TOPS expects members to respect rules and requests made by the venues where they meet.
  • Some venues may require attendees to be vaccinated or provide a negative COVID-19 test as a condition of entry. If your meeting place requests this of your chapter, please immediately reach out to your Coordinator for guidance.

Personal responsibility is the key to dealing with any sickness. Covering coughs and washing hands frequently have always been important. Staying home to avoid exposing others is recommended if you have a temperature or any respiratory or gastric distress. These basic practices should always apply whether we are experiencing a pandemic or not.