KOPS - COVID Updates 

Maintaining KOPS Status Throughout the Pandemic

(Last reviewed December 20, 2021)

KOPS are members maintaining their goal weight who continue to attend TOPS for support as they Keep Off Pounds Sensibly. Please note that all KOPS Rules (found in TOPS Rules 15-31) are still in effect.

Do all KOPS need a December weigh-in?

No. Only new KOPS need a December weigh-in to qualify for Royalty in the year they reached goal for the first time. There are three ways to do this (available to any member who needs to qualify for KOPS, KOPS Longevity Award, Division Winner, etc.)

  1. If the Weight Recorder, Assistant Weight Recorder, Leader or Co-Leader is able and willing, an isolated weigh-in may be arranged before or after a meeting or at another mutually-agreeable time. Leader may appoint additional or interim Assistant Weight Recorders if needed.
  2. Ask for a courtesy weigh-in from a chapter that is meeting.
  3. Submit official documentation of December weight signed by a healthcare provider.

What if a KOPS member cannot get the 15 weigh-ins required to maintain status this year?

Existing rules allow for a KOPS to request an exemption of the 15 weigh-in minimum. Coordinators will be instructed to automatically exempt a KOPS member if the 15 minimum weigh-in requirement is not met in 2021.


What if a KOPS was out of leeway at the last weigh-in before an extended interruption of their chapter meeting?

To maintain status, these members must register a weight within leeway at the first available meeting/weigh-in of their chapter. Those who are not weighed at the first available opportunity lose status as do those KOPS previously out of leeway who are absent for the meeting. This policy does not apply to all KOPS—only those out of leeway at their last official weigh-in.


What if a KOPS is due to receive a Longevity Award?

TOPS Club Inc. presents KOPS with a special pin as a gift for every five years they maintain status. KOPS whose 5-year anniversary is during a chapter closure (or during a time when they are unable to attend for reasons of personal safety) must register an in-leeway weight at a chapter meeting or a privately arranged weigh-in as described above to receive their pin. If unable to attend meetings, KOPS will still be eligible to receive their award once their chapter resumes meeting so long as they register a weight in leeway upon their return.