Meet our most successful members!

TOPS Club, Inc. is excited to introduce its greatest weight-loss success stories from 2016. They earned this honor by losing more weight than anyone else in their province or state who reached their weight-loss goal in 2016. Be sure to read their inspiring stories below!

They're not celebrities, not airbrushed models, not paid actors. These are everyday men and women just like you who made a choice to change and found the help they were seeking at TOPS. At TOPS, we consider these real men and women to be "Kings and Queens" because of their incredible weight-loss successes.

Each was honored in the spring of 2016 at a regional event, and all were invited to participate in TOPS Club's International Recognition Days, held in Little Rock, Arkansas, in July 2017, where thousands of TOPS Club members came together to celebrate their inspiring achievements.

2016 International Reigning Royalty

Meet our 2016 International Division Winners!

At the 2017 International Recognition Days event in Little Rock, Arkansas, TOPS honored the 2016 International Division Winners. These female and male members are recognized within divisions based on their age and the amount of weight lost during the calendar year 2016. The winners provided stories of their weight-loss journeys, so you can read about their amazing transformations and get inspired!

How TOPS Chooses Winners

Men and women compete within divisions based on age and weight lost during the calendar year. A little healthy competition usually provides extra motivation for our members. The greatest overall losses lead to recognition as International Division Winners. What are the Divisions?

First Place

  • Division 1:  Linda M.
  • Division 2:  Eva T. *
  • Division 3:  Bonnie B.*
  • Division 4:  Lorraine A.* & Florence K. (tie)
  • Division 5:  Lisa M.
  • Division 7:  Frances Q.*
  • Division 9:  Rebecca W.

Second Place

  • Division 1:  Maria G.
  • Division 2:  Deborah B.*
  • Division 3:  Nadine P.
  • Division 4:  Anne M.
  • Division 5:  Carolyn N.
  • Division 7:  Crystal M.
  • Division 9:  Gerenia P.
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First Place

  • Division 1:  Neil M.
  • Division 2:  Jeffery B. *
  • Division 3:  Daniel K.
  • Division 4:  Darrell MK.
  • Division 7:  Jeffrey Y.*
  • Division 9:  Michael C.*

Second Place

  • Division 1:  James W.
  • Division 2:  Warren V.
  • Division 3:  James W.*
  • Division 4:  John N.*
  • Division 7:  Marty S.
  • Division 9:  Sean M.*
Read the inspiring stories behind our 2016 International Division Male Winners.

First Place

  • Division 6:  Tori-Beth K.*
  • Division 6:  Cody K.
  • Division 8:  Lily C.*

Second Place

  • Division 6:  Emily M.
  • Division 6:  Daniel V.

Read the inspiring stories behind our 2016 International Division Teen Winners.

*Some of our members prefer to keep their stories and photos private.