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Adele D.

Alberta, Lost 78 lb. with TOPS

"It absolutely changed my life."

I first joined TOPS the year I was getting married. I only had 16 pounds to lose. Then, low and behold, I got pregnant right after the wedding, so those 16 pounds became 70 pounds. I reached my goal weight six months after I had my first daughter. TOPS wasn’t a quick fix or a magic diet pill, but it absolutely changed my life.

For me, TOPS is a lifestyle choice. I know that if I don’t have the accountability and support that TOPS provides, I’m not going to stay at my goal weight. It’s easy to gain the weight, but very hard to lose and keep it off. TOPS is not something that I’m willing to give up. It is, for me, going to be somewhere I go for life.

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You only get out of TOPS what you put into it. We can't guarantee weight loss just by attending meetings, but we can offer support through each stage of your weight-loss journey. Your results may vary.

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