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Debra and Geoff Hollimon

Minnesota, Lost 100 lb. with TOPS

"Let’s do this together."

While stationed with a U.S. Navy unit on an air force base in Japan, Geoff and Debra met for the first time. "I thought he was handsome," Debra remembers fondly. "He was my division officer, so I wasn’t supposed to have anything to do with him." Debra went back to Washington, D.C., and Geoff flew back on orders as well. They got married about a year later. Now settled in the Midwest, the husband and wife stay active and healthy by walking, dancing and following a plant-based diet.

"I gained all my weight when I got pregnant," Debra says. "I couldn’t bend down to tie my shoes, and I was out of breath all the time. That’s really what drove me to get busy losing weight." After retiring from the Navy, Geoff started putting on about 5 pounds a year. He wasn’t happy with where he was at and knew something needed to be done. "She was doing the TOPS® thing and I said, 'Let’s do this together,'" Geoff says.

"TOPS doesn’t care what your meal plan is as long as it will help make you healthy," Debra says. So when the Hollimans decided to embrace the vegan lifestyle, they were glad that TOPS offered meal plans and recipes that worked for them. "I think this is a great chance for members to try new things that they might not have found on their own," Debra states. "We don’t eat anything that has (or had) eyes except potatoes," Geoff chuckles. "I'm glad we found a home where you can get feedback and support."

The Hollimons stay active by square dancing as often as possible and walking every day. They also maintain a healthy and balanced diet by meal prepping together. "I do most of the cooking though," laughs Debra. "And I clean up afterward," Geoff adds with a smile. "It's a good arrangement."

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Geoff and Debra Hollimon After Weight-Loss
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