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Jeffery Y

“I’m playing softball again and just made plans to go on a cruise. I actually have a life!”

— Jeffrey Y.

Jeffrey Y. - Lost 348 lb. with TOPS

Height: 6' 7"    Achievement: 348 lb. lost with TOPS    Chapter: TOPS IL 1182

I never really knew how much I weighed. I knew I was big—my nickname was “Big Jeff.” After high school, I got a great job, yet in 2007, I was critically injured on the job. Luckily, I was able to get back to work, but I kept getting bigger. By the time I was 25, I felt like my life was pretty much over. I had stopped socializing with everyone. I asked my grandmother (gram) if I could stay with her. For the first year I rarely left her apartment.

My gram had been going to TOPS for many, many years. After an ultimatum from her, a Chicago Southsider who tells it like it is, “You better get your butt to our next meeting or find another place to live,” I finally joined TOPS.

The numbers started coming down. Once I saw that, I was encouraged to join a gym. I have an addictive personality trait, my doctor said to call it “routine oriented,” which I guess sounds better, but I am what I am. I was so encouraged by my results at the gym that I started increasing the number of times I went per week. I set big goals for myself, but attacked them a little at a time.

It seems like I was 19 years old, and now I’m 30. It hurts that I missed so much of my life, but it is all part of my journey. I’m playing softball again and just made plans to go on a cruise. I actually have a life! I have goals: I want to do a marathon, I want to learn yoga and many more things! I am striving to get my health back to 100% and to be the best role model, chapter Leader, and overall, the best me that I can be.

My thanks to my chapter, but especially to my gram. Her ultimatum was the spark I needed to change my life.

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