TOPS Success Stories

“When I attended IRD in Reno, Nevada, it really sunk in how great my success was.”

— Mark G.

Mark G. - Lost 127 lb. - 2015 International King Runner Up

Height: 5' 11"    Achievement: 127 lb. lost with TOPS    Chapter: TOPS PE 4868 Tignish

When I realized that my weight was becoming a big problem, I started my TOPS journey. My doctor said I was borderline diabetic, had high blood pressure and was at risk of having a heart attack at a young age. So it was then that I decided to join TOPS and started exercising and eating healthy. At first, I had a lot of big losses, but in the summer it stopped … or slowed down. I’m guessing it was because I was too busy with work to think about my weight loss.

In the fall of 2014, I tried to start losing again. I got back on track with my weight loss. For PRD in April 2015, I was the first place Provincial Winner for Division 1. In July 2015, I attended IRD in Reno, Nevada, as the second place International Winner for Division 1. It was then that it really sunk in how great my success was. In the fall of 2015, I reached my goal with a total loss of 127 pounds and became a KOPS.

Today I continue to struggle to stay at goal or in leeway, but having the support of TOPS and attending weekly meetings makes that struggle a little easier. I would like to thank my fellow TOPS members, and my family and friends for all their support during my weight-loss journey and their continued support as I work to keep off my weight in the future.

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You only get out of TOPS what you put into it. We can't guarantee weight loss just by attending meetings, but we can offer support through each stage of your weight-loss journey. Your results may vary.