2016 International Division Winners (Male)

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At the 2017 International Recognition Days event in Little Rock, Arkansas, TOPS honored the 2016 International Division Winners. These female and male members are recognized within divisions based on their age and the amount of weight lost during the calendar year 2016.

How TOPS Chooses Winners

Men and women compete within divisions based on age and weight lost during the calendar year. A little healthy competition usually provides extra motivation for our members. The greatest overall losses lead to recognition as International Division Winners. To learn more about how the division winners are selected, read our Divisions chart.

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Male Winners

First Place Winners

Neil M.
Neil M. - Lost 116.80 lb.
Division 1

When a motor vehicle accident left me with a disability, depression set in and weight poured on. My mobility went downhill fast. But I was determined not to give up. I started to expand my activities slowly and patiently by exercising in the local swimming pool and walking daily. At the same time, a support worker encouraged me to join TOPS. Through TOPS, I learned that you have to monitor the foods you eat and to stick close to your recommended calorie intake. And here I am, lighter than ever and still motivated as the first day I stepped on the scales!

Daniel K.
Daniel K. - Lost 59.40 lb.
Division 3

I realized that I had a weight problem when I was unable to do a sit-up technique in preparation for a waterfowl hunting trip with my son. My wife had been a member of TOPS for a while and convinced me to join. At my first meeting, I weighed 244.4 pounds. My weight-loss journey had its ups and downs, but the weekly scale held me accountable. I used a calorie chart that helped me keep track of my daily caloric intake, which I tried to keep no more than 1,400 calories a day. I cut off all fast food restaurants and began to carry meals with me from home, which allowed me to control how much I was eating. Thanks to the support of my wife and my TOPS chapter, I was able to reach my goal on Sept. 12, 2016.

Darrell MK.
Darrell M. - Lost 31.80 lb.
Division 4

I struggled for a long time and was starting to accept I would always be overweight. Until one day, I got tired of feeling “blah.” I needed to set a short-term goal. I started eating better, exercising, motivating myself and being motivated by others. Being a part of this organization and being held accountable for each weigh-in, up or down, pushed me and made me try harder for the next week. I struggled forever, but now is my time.

Second Place Winners

James W.
James W. - Lost 113.80 lb.
Division 1

I was in pretty good shape after basic training for the Air Force. Over the next few years, however, my weight slowly crept back up and started to become an issue. Eventually I was discharged from the military for not being able to maintain my weight. Through TOPS and another weight loss program at work, I began to shed off pounds. Losing weight is still a struggle for me, but I so look forward to living a longer and healthier life.

Warren V.
Warren V. - Lost 85.80 lb.
Division 2

My “hit-the-wall” moment came when I could no longer walk the one block to my VFW Club to socialize without having to stop four or five times to catch my breath. The support of my TOPS Chapter was instrumental in keeping me focused and motivated in my weight loss journey. For me, doing a daily morning weigh-in, keeping a meticulous food journal and using accurate portion control helped me to lose weight. I am grateful to the TOPS organization for the boost I needed – and still need today – to reach success.

Marty S.
Marty S. - Lost 93.00 lb.
Division 7

I knew it was time to join TOPS and start my weight-loss journey when I had eight years left to retire. I realized that I would not be able to continue working if I didn’t do something about my health. I started eating healthier foods and counted calories. I watched my portions, exercised at the gym and began walking more often. It is very important to remain consistent … but when I lose my motivation to exercise, I think of it as something that I must do and how good I’ll feel once I complete the workout. Physically, I feel fantastic.