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At the 2017 International Recognition Days event in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Statehouse Convention Center, TOPS honored the 2016 International Division Winners. These female and male members are recognized within divisions based on their age and the amount of weight lost during the calendar year 2016.

How TOPS Chooses Winners

Men and women compete within divisions based on age and weight lost during the calendar year. A little healthy competition usually provides extra motivation for our members. The greatest overall losses lead to recognition as International Division Winners. To learn more about how the division winners are selected, read our Divisions chart.

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Female Winners

First Place Winners

Linda M.
Linda M. - Lost  123.80 lb.
Division 1

For 25 years, I suffered from obesity – and for ten of those years, I was morbidly obese. I tried every diet and exercise program I came across, but always failed to maintain my weight loss. In 2015, I weighed 339 pounds and felt hopeless. When my mother passed away, I prayed to God for answers and received what had been right before my eyes the entire time I was in TOPS: a healthy eating program with no bells, whistles or promises of weight loss overnight. Now, I eat to live, but don’t live to eat. I am also actively training to run my first marathon. TOPS helped me realize that I needed to change my lifestyle—not just my diet.

Florence K.
Florence K. - Lost  56.00 lb.
Division 4 (Tie)

I was excited when my husband bought me an activity tracker on Christmas to monitor my steps and heart rate. The device gave me purpose and motivation to exercise, but I knew something was missing. Two friends recommended I try TOPS and – bingo! – the program was exactly the thing I was looking for. I lessened my food intake and was amazed to walk away from the dinner table feeling content and not bloated. I remained honest with my food diary and discovered a love for walking. I learned so much from TOPS and am grateful for my friends who encouraged me, offered insight and were so truly happy for me when I achieved my goal and every other milestone.

Lisa M.
Lisa M. - Lost  28.80 lb.
Division 5

Four years ago, my mother died as a result of ill health due to morbid obesity. I realized I was heading in the same direction and needed to make changes in my life. I joined a local gym, but battled to control poor eating habits. Upon the recommendation of a church friend, I joined TOPS with a determination to reach my goal weight of 112 pounds. The accountability of the weekly weigh-ins was key to helping me achieve my goal last November. With the continued support of my fellow chapter members, I aim to hold on to my KOPS status and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.

Rebecca W.
Rebecca W. - Lost 173.80  lb.
Division 9

When my doctor suggested gastric bypass surgery during my annual check-up, I knew my lifestyle needed to change. The first thing I learned was that my surgery would not be an easy fix. I had to change my eating habits or the surgery would not help and the weight would return. My friends at TOPS have given me so much support through encouragement and love. Over the past year, I’ve learned a lot about healthy living and myself. I now have a full-time job that I could have never had before my weight loss. I have so much energy now!

Second Place Winners

Maria G.
Maria G. - Lost 120.20 lb.
Division 1

I never thought I would be where I am today from a year ago. My journey started when my mother brought me to my first TOPS meeting. I did not want to commit to another diet program that would surely fail me yet again. But I promised to try it for 30 days. As the days passed, making healthy choices became easier. I began to look forward to the TOPS meeting and seeing my newfound friends. I started setting goals for myself, from swimming in the pool to working out on an elliptical machine. I just recently ran my first half marathon – 13.1 miles without stopping! It is so freeing to be broken from the chains of the weight that weighed me down all those years.

Nadine P.
Nadine P. - Lost  85.00 lb.
Division 3

When I retired in the fall of 2014, I thought I’d be able to get in shape. But the extra time only led to more eating and less exercise. Joining TOPS gave me the support and incentive I needed to finally stay on track with my weight loss. For me, TOPS was like Alcoholics Anonymous, where you don’t think about the rest of the year, just the next week. With support from my chapter, I was able to reach my goal. One of the greatest awards for me has been the improved strength and flexibility. It also feels great to walk into a store and buy clothing that isn’t plus-size!

Anne M.
Anne M. - Lost 55.20 lb.
Division 4

On June 18, 2015, I weighed in at 223.8 pounds. I adopted a three-word mantra right then and there: “Just do it!” I removed all candy, chips and most processed foods from my kitchen and replaced them with fruit, vegetables, lean protein and low-carb items. I started parking far from store entrances in order to get more exercise. Going on brisk walks with a super-energetic dog helped, too. I remained faithful to my weight-loss mantra and reached my KOPS goal of 125 pounds on Nov. 17, 2016. I am grateful to be a member of TOPS. The resources and tools that are given to us provide an incredible map for success in our weight-loss journeys.

Carolyn N.
Carolyn N . - Lost 28.60 lb.
Division 5

On Aug. 8, 2008, I decided to try TOPS because I believed my weight gain was causing me knee pain. And even though my weight had nothing to do with the knee injury, I was motivated to continue my weight-loss journey when my son announced his wedding plans. I started taking daily walks and counted my calories. I later served as my chapter’s Secretary for two years and Leader for one. I firmly believe those positions helped me reach my goal. I am able to maintain my KOPS status through self-confidence along with the inspiration, encouragement and support from my TOPS chapter.

Crystal M.
Crystal M. - Lost 91.00 lb.
Division 7

I spent my time helping others deal with their problems and I never treated myself as a priority. I initially joined TOPS in 1994 because I felt as if this was the answer. I wanted a group that offered friendship and compassion. When both my parents passed away suddenly in 2015, the world as I knew it was forever changed. This weight battle was now mine to own. I learned right away I needed to take care of me because no one else would be able to make decisions for me. After an annual mammogram, I found out I had breast cancer. I began radiation treatments on February 8 and had 33 treatments. This process was running so close to Nebraska’s SRD that I was cutting it very close—but I made it! Before SRD I got a letter from Barbara Cady. I was being invited to IRD as an International Division winner! So here I am in all my glory, on my way to a healthier and thinner me. My priority is now to take better care of myself and reach my goal.

Gerenia P.
Gerenia P. - Lost 144.00 lb.
Division 9

My weight-loss journey was been a roller coaster ride throughout my entire life. I’ve tried many different diets and have been in and out of gyms for years. I had some big successes, but also huge failures. My weight has ranged from 158 pounds to 433 pounds. Joining TOPS was the best decision I’ve made for myself. My chapter stood beside me throughout the journey and has been the best support group a person could ask for. I now receive compliments on my weight loss, but the real gift is my self-confidence. I’m proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished. My weight-loss journey is far from over, but I’m excited to go forward with determination and pride.