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At the 2018 International Recognition Days event in Montréal, Quebec, at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, TOPS honored the 2017 International Division Winners. Division Winners are recognized within divisions which are based on members' starting weights of each year. Winners lost the most weight within their division during the calendar year. A little healthy competition usually provides extra motivation for our members.

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Teen Winners

First Place Winners

before and after teen girl
Courtney T. - Lost 35.20 lb.
Division 6

In my early teens, I was a little overweight—probably when I hit puberty I started to put that weight on. My dad, grandma and brother had all been in TOPS for a while and last year, my mom joined…so I decided to join too. We all got a Fitbit and became more active. We started to log our food and really know what we were eating. We were competitive with our step count with weekly and weekend challenges. It was fun! Once I started getting more active and started eating healthier, I started to take the pounds off.

Josiah G.
Josiah G. - Lost 27.50 lb. 
Division 6 & TOPS Ohio King

I have always been big. I was such a large baby at birth that I became stuck and stopped breathing. Thankfully the doctors did not give up on me and 13 minutes later my heart began to beat again. At the age of ten, I reached my highest weight of 252 pounds. I already knew about TOPS because my great grandma, grandmother, aunt and mom were all members. So I started my journey. With the support of TOPS, hard work and determination, I met my goal. My new hobby is working out and lifting weights at the gym. I hardly miss a day! I have a lot more confidence and I am more outgoing. I believe God placed the doctor he did at my birth, who wouldn’t give up on me, so I can be here now to help encourage you all.

Second Place Winners

Kennedy Smith Before After
Kennedy S. - Lost 34.20 lb.
Division 6 ​

I have struggled with my weight for a long time, but was always too afraid or too embarrassed to go anywhere to try to help get the pounds off. With a little persuading from my mom, I decided to join TOPS. At first I didn’t want anyone to know my weight. But seeing everyone be so supportive and listening to their stories helped me realize I wasn’t alone. Setting small goals helped, but I have one big goal for myself and that is to run the Tely 10 this year (a 10 mile race held in St. John’s). I would really like to run the race this year with my mom, who will be running it for the sixth time. If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything.