TOPS® Heritage Society

Esther Manz At Desk

TOPS Club Salutes our Heritage Society members and friends

TOPS Founder, Esther Manz, founded an organization that touched the lives of millions of people, including longtime member Margaret Anne Cooper of California, who generously chose to give back to TOPS.

Inspired by Maggie's generosity, the Board of Directors established the TOPS Heritage Society as a means for members and friends of TOPS to join with each other to preserve and continue our rich tradition of helping other live their healthiest lives now and into the future.

TOPS invites members, chapters and anyone interested in keeping future generations healthy to join the TOPS Heritage Society (PDF). Those who contribute at $100 or above will be honored here and in TOPS News membership magazine. Additionally, those who donate $1,000 or more will be on the Heritage Wall at TOPS Headquarters in Milwaukee for years to come.

Donations listed below were received by August 31, 2021. Donations received between September 1, 2021, and August 31, 2022, will be posted in October 2022.

Founder's Circle ($100,000 and above)

President's Circle ($10,000 and above)

  • In honor of Barbara Cady (TOPS President, 2005-2018) by TOPS members, chapters and Field Staff from across the United States and Canada

  • In memory of Nancy Marasco by TOPS Chapters in the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington

Board Circle ($1,000 and above)


  • In honor of former Regional Director Mary Reed by TOPS members from the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee
  • In honor of Jeannette Lambert (Former Coordinator) by TOPS chapters and members from the beautiful state of Oregon
  • In honor of Lynda Maravilla (Former Coordinator) from TOPS chapters and members from the beautiful state of Oregon
  • In memory of Gary Wellington by TOPS friends from the beautiful state of Washington
  • In memory of LaNeida Herrick (TOPS President, 2002-2005) by TOPS members, chapters and Field Staff
  • In memory of Betty Domenoe (TOPS President, 1992-2002) by TOPS members, chapters and Field Staff
  • In memory of Paula Norero (TOPS Field Staff) by TOPS members and chapters in New Mexico and TOPS Field Staff
  • In memory of Evelyn Saba by TOPS friends of Evelyn Saba
  • In memory of Jennie [Giovannina] M. Zavesky from all those touched by your love

  • In memory of Doreen Warwick by TOPS members of Ontario
  • In honor of Sandra Seidlitz by TOPS chapters and members from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan

  • 2014 TOPS Board of Directors and Regional Directors

TOPS Circle ($100 and above)

  • In memory of Yola Cornacchia from Members from Ontario
  • In memory of Josie Marble from TOPS LA 0312 Baton Rouge
  • In honor of Nancy Van Rooy, charter chapter leader, FL 0786 by TOPS FL 0786 The Villages
  • In memory of Tom Hall From TOPS CA 0853 Sun City

  • In memory of Trudy Vanaman from TOPS NM 0099 Alamogordo

  • In memory of Kathy Marambe (beloved TOPS Pal) by TOPS OR 1002 Gladstone
  • In celebration of Northern Illinois Area Recognition Days 
  • In honor of former Regional Director Bob Dischinger by Oregon TOPS Chapters


  • In memory of Birdie Fix by TOPS CO 0680 Wray
  • In memory of Carol D. Kelley (beloved Weight Recorder) by TOPS MA 0409 Chatham
  • In memory of Angie Nicholson by TOPS friends of TOPS WA 1087 in Lakewood North, WA
  • In memory of Theresa Trinidad by TOPS TX 1723 El Paso

  • In memory of Marilyn A. Burick by TOPS CA 1097 Buena Park
  • In memory of Cammy Garza (beloved Weight Recorder) by TOPS CA 0302 Oxnard

  • In memory of Nancy Marasco by TOPS WA 1129 Woodland: The Happy Rainbow Chapter
  • In honor of James W. Farmer III by The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

  • In memory of Nellie Leach by Gail Drumgoole
  • In celebration of Higher Power at Central Peninsula Church, Foster City, California by John Alexander Sheakley
  • In honor of Ontario Men in TOPS by Larry and Karen Strome

  • Lorry Alsip
  • Beverly Christman
  • Mary Lee Sylvester