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Virtual Retreats


The purpose of a Virtual Retreat is to provide the same information and support to TOPS and KOPS members who would otherwise be unable to attend an on-site retreat.

Who May Attend

Each Virtual Retreat has 48 openings for Adults (18 and older). Only paid, registered TOPS members will be allowed access to the Virtual Retreat sessions.

Not a member? You can join online and enjoy a full year of membership benefits. Call or email our retreat registrar (listed below) for assistance.

It is important to use the name under which you are a TOPS member when registering for the Virtual Retreat. Use this name also when signing in for the sessions. Retreatant names will be verified and those not registered will be denied access to sessions.

Time Zones

All Virtual Retreats are listed in Central Standard time. Please use to check the times in your area.

Session Structure and Content

Using the ZOOM platform, Virtual Retreats are held over 4 days and are divided into 6 topic-specific sessions.

  1. Eat the TOPS Way
  2. Think the TOPS Way
  3. Care the TOPS Way
  4. Cope and Move the TOPS Way
  5. Success the TOPS Way
  6. Wrap up and conclusion

The sessions, which run from 90-120 minutes, follow a standard format with each Retreat Director bringing her own signature style to the presentation. Days and times are specific to each retreat and are outlined on the General Guidelines for each Virtual Retreat.

Additional Guidelines

  • All sessions are live and will NOT be recorded.
  • Nutritional information is from Real Life: The Hands-on Pounds-off Guide, which is available to registered retreatants at a discount.
  • Topics that may be controversial are not used as subject matter.
  • TOPS Rules and chapter situations are not subjects of discussion.
  • Confidential matters are respected and treated as such.

Required Hardware/Software

  • Communication will be through the use of Email.
  • Virtual Retreats will be presented on the ZOOM platform.
    • A computer, laptop, iPad or notebook allows the best virtual meeting experience and internet access of sufficient speed to participate in a ZOOM meeting.
    • A cell phone limits viewing and participating and there may be extra phone charges.
    • The technical knowledge/experience to comfortably access and participate in a virtual meeting via the internet is required.
    • The capacity to download and open attachments is required – printing is optional.
    • Virtual Retreat sessions DO NOT allow for teaching Zoom connection or techniques.

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel attending a Virtual Retreat for which you registered, the amount paid may be applied to any Virtual Retreat within the next twelve months without penalty.

To cancel, please contact Virtual Retreat registrar immediately:

U.S. Retreat Registrar Katelyn Peters
Phone: (414) 482-4620 ext. 13
Fax: (414) 482-3955

Mail: TOPS Club, Inc.
          P.O. Box 070360
          Milwaukee, WI 53207