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Virtual IRD Speakers and Sessions

Join us July 23-24 for a grand celebration at TOPS Virtual International Recognition Days

(Last Updated June 23, 2021) Gather together and share in the fun and celebration of this unique online event featuring four action-packed live sessions between Friday, July 23 and Saturday, July 24. Details are still being finalized so look for exact times and additional updates closer to the event.

Speakers and Sessions

Nia S. Mitchell, MD, MPH
Duke University of School of Medicine
Your Action Plan: Goal Setting for Success
Dr. Mitchell shares a presentation that will help members transform their intentions into actions that lead to long-term weight management success by learning to achieve SMART nutrition, physical activity, and mental health goals.

Barbara Cady
TOPS Advisor
Get Off the Porch: Don’t Let Life Pass You By
Barb Cady poses two provocative questions: Do I want to join the parade or am I content to watch? What does it take to get up, go down the steps, cross the road and start the journey?

Jodi Stolove
Chair Dancing Expert
Chair Dancing Fitness 
Jodi Stolove reveals 3 Fitness Essentials and how her “barrier-busting, excuse-free solution” embodies all of them. Jodi says seated exercise is a great way for people who need a safe and comfortable way to ease into fitness, and she demonstrates a few routines.
Rick Danforth
President, TOPS Club Inc.
The Case of the Missing Pounds
TOPS President Rick Danforth engages members as only he can. Paraphrasing a famous detective, he says, “Once you have tried everything and failed, what you have not tried must be what will help you succeed.” Rick examines the available clues on the mystery of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.


Medical Panel Q&A

This popular IRD session returns, giving members a chance to ask our esteemed panel of doctors and researchers about trending health and nutrition topics. In turn, the panel provides answers to help members make informed decisions on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Stay tuned for how you can participate....

Vidya Kidambi, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin
Dr. Kidambi is the Director of the TOPS Obesity and Metabolic Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Medical Director of the Comprehensive Weight Loss Program in the Division of Endocrinology, which uses a multipronged approach to treat metabolic problems caused by obesity. An endocrinologist (hormone doctor) by training, she focuses on managing obesity, diabetes, lipid problems and high blood pressure.

Nia S. Mitchell, MD, MPH
Duke University School of Medicine
Dr. Mitchell, is a General Internist and Medical Weight Management Specialist at the Duke University Diet and Fitness Center. She conducts research related to diet, obesity and weight-loss support, which includes several studies of TOPS members and chapters.

Michael Olivier, PhD
Wake Forest School of Medicine
Dr. Olivier is the Director of the Center for Precision Medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He also directs the TOPS GENOME Registry, a study that members are invited to join.

Joseph Skelton, MD, MS
Wake Forest School of Medicine
A Real Life guide contributor and an expert on childhood obesity, Dr. Joey Skelton is the Founder and Director of Brenner FIT® Families in Training) at Brenner Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology and Prevention at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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