What Actually Happens at a TOPS Meeting?

Here’s what happens at a typical in-person meeting, but all of them run a little differently.

You can attend your first meeting at any chapter location free of charge.

Bring a friend if you’d like. There's no obligation to continue on with that specific chapter, if you’d like to explore a different fit. Each chapter has some variations, so try as many as you’d like, until it feels like home.

Meetings usually last an hour or so.

Each member typically has a private weigh-in before the meeting – but if that’s not for you, it’s no longer required. You can measure your success in a variety of ways; it’s not just about what the number on the scale says. Meetings often start with members sharing challenges, successes, or goals (if they want). There’s no pressure to participate right away. You can sit back and take it all in, or jump into things head-first. The experience is up to you – whatever you’d like to make of it.

There’s often a brief program.

TOPS gives each chapter engaging, professionally prepared programs covering a variety of health and wellness topics. Awards then go to weekly or monthly best “losers,” contest winners, and members who’ve reached their goal.

When needed, chapter business is addressed before the meeting wraps up.

Things close out with a thought for the week or other inspirational activity. As for when all of this happens, times vary. Visit the Find A Meeting page to type in your ZIP code and access specific times and locations near you.

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