Weight Loss in the Workplace

Salad and Apple

TOPS provides the weight-management component to your employee wellness program in the form of on-site weight-loss support chapters. TOPS chapters are an affordable, flexible, and convenient way for employees to take charge of their health and weight. By participating in an on-site chapter, employees receive education and support for a healthy lifestyle, lowering their risk for serious and costly health problems.

How Workplace Chapters Work

TOPS Workplace Wellness Weigh-In

TOPS makes it easy to provide your employees with the tools and support they need to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. TOPS provides volunteer meeting leaders with the educational resources they need for informative and engaging meetings. On-site meetings and weigh-ins help keep employees motivated to reach their healthy lifestyle goals.

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TOPS Workplace Wellness information

To learn more about TOPS in the Workplace, please contact Outreach and Education Manager Maggie Thorison by email or phone: 414-482-4620, ext. 23.

What Employers Have to Say


I can reach 15-20 people in an hour by leading a TOPS meeting. The more people I can reach out to and educate about healthy living a healthy lifestyle, the better.
, school district in Wisconsin

Any company can have an outstanding TOPS program...it is an ideal situation for a work environment.
, international manufacturer headquartered in Milwaukee, WI

TOPS is easy to administer in the workplace, and you can tailor their program for your employees.
, international manufacturer headquartered in Milwaukee, WI