We are discontinuing development of TOPS® Food Exchange Tracker

TOPS® Food Exchange Tracker for iPhone, iPad and Android was developed as a convenient way for those already familiar with the Food Exchange System to track daily exchanges, water and activity. Based on the popular Food Exchange Cards used by thousands of TOPS® members, we hoped to help members eat a balanced diet while controlling portions, carbs, fats and sugar intake using this portable digital tool.

Why now?

Building and—more importantly—maintaining a successful mobile app is hard, especially if you’re not bombarding users with digital ads to pay for the expensive and ongoing updates the big app stores require. With so many "free" food and fitness tracking apps in use, TOPS® Food Exchange Tracker just never caught on the way we hoped that it would.

What’s next?

TOPS® Food Exchange Tracker will be removed from sale in the App Store and Google Play by Nov. 1, 2020. If you have purchased the app and installed it on one or more of your devices, it will continue to work on those devices. Answers to commonly asked questions about how to use the app will still be available through the Food Exchange Tracker page in our Help Center. If you upgrade your device to operating system iOS 14, Android 11 or beyond, the app may stop working.