Let’s do a membership drive, TOPS Club!

Hey, TOPS Nation! We have a challenge for you.

And our team at TOPS Headquarters will help you out along the way, so that hopefully, we can smash this goal – together!

Want to print this information to hand out at a chapter meeting? Here's a handy PDF!

Ready for it? We want your chapter to grow by four members by the end of the year.

We have confidence in all of you! And, most importantly, we wholeheartedly believe in peer-to-peer support, accountability, weekly meetings and the connections you make within TOPS – why shouldn’t we spread the love? It’s time for TOPS’ next generation to emerge. Let’s go get some new members.

At TOPS Club, we have about 6,000 chapters. Our thinking is, what if all of them were to grow by at least four members? That’s potentially 24,000 more people we’d be adding to our legacy organization. We hope you’re up for the task, because we sure are!

Only have four members in your chapter total, and feeling like it would be a tall task to double in size? Try to grow your group by 2! Or on the flip side, if your chapter already consists of 30 people, perhaps you could challenge yourselves to grow by 14, instead of just 4.

Do whatever feels right to you.

It’s all in the name of fun, and to promote a fantastic mission that so many of you are already behind, as you save your own lives, each and every day. You are our best spokespeople, and we want to tackle this membership mission together.

Help us continue the rich legacy of TOPS, that our fearless founder started more than 75 years ago.

Fully-stocked gift baskets from TOPS Headquarters, packed full of TOPS merchandise, assorted gift cards and more, will be awarded to the top 10 chapters that bring in the most members.


Here’s some fine print:

TOPS will handle the numbers – we’ll look at how many people you had in your chapter as of Dec. 31, 2023, and compare that figure to how many members you have as of Dec. 31, 2024. No extra legwork on your part necessary!

Therefore, if you’ve already brought in four new members this year, great news! We’ll count them. (Keep going!) A chapter that gets a former member to reactivate his or her membership – we’ll count that person, as well.

If and when your chapter hits the “4” benchmark, we’ll add your name to a list we plan to print in TOPS News in early 2025. Don’t be left off! If you have a fun story about how your group went about recruiting people and/or spreading the TOPS word, we’d love to pitch your names to local media (if you’re interested, of course!) or write about you in our member magazine – even a blog or a mention in the Community Corner monthly newsletter. We want to celebrate you and give you ultimate bragging rights!

HQ will offer monthly checklist items, as well, to help guide your journey:

(Updated June 2024) For example:

In April, we shared some steps you can take on social media to share your word-of-mouth TOPS recommendation.

Our TOPS HQ “boost your membership!” suggestion for the month was: Open and save these images, to post on your social media. Although you can most certainly post them in your TOPS groups on Facebook and for your chapter to see, I’d think outside the box. Who could you show these to, who’s not a TOPS member already? Is there a neighborhood group you’re in? Could you post one on the NextDoor app, and invite neighbors to an upcoming meeting? Or I’ll ask, have you shared with friends and family what it is that’s keeping you so balanced and on-task lately, when it comes to your healthy living? This might be a good opportunity to stick these images on your own personal Facebook or Instagram. The “tiles” that say “healthy living is easier with support,” “join us” and “get healthy with us” are the newest ones.

In May, we urged community involvement to help spread the word about TOPS.

There were SO many things you can do here, including:

  1. Seeing about setting up a table or booth at a health fair – if you’re not sure whether there are opportunities where you live, consider checking with any local schools, hospital systems or doctors' offices.
  2. Participating in a parade – your group could walk together, perhaps help decorate a float for another organization (volunteering is great!), or we’ve even seen one of our chapters “deck out” a golf cart as part of their participation in a local parade.
  3. Handing out waters at a local fun run – wearing your TOPS T-shirts, doing this as a club, would be a nice touch!
  4. Organizing a canned food drive – this is a nice way to give back to the community where you live, plus, you could collect the items at meetings.

In June, you could host a Bunco party!

This idea is a bit more detailed to explain, so read more about how to do it here.

In July, we're emphasizing the idea of getting back to our roots. We want you to make your own chapter meetings really welcoming and fun; a place new or returning people would gravitate toward. Read more about the idea on this blog.

Coming Soon

  • In August, how to get your names out there – at the local library, church, in the local newspaper, etc.

Any questions? Email your Service Program Administrator or marketing@tops.org.

Looking forward to GAINING (members) as we LOSE (weight!)