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Changing My Address

How do I change My Address?

  1. Go to and Sign In. (See Signing in to
  2. Click Members Area. The Members Area page displays. In the Members Area, on the left side of the screen, you should see a box labeled “My Profile” with your name under it.
  3. Scroll down and click on Change My Profile & Password.
  4. In My Profile Details, you should see a second column to the right with the heading Addresses. Click the pencil icon in the upper right of that section. The Edit address box displays.
  5. Edit your address.
  6. Click Save & Close to save your changes.

How to enter your address so you keep getting TOPS News

We don’t want you to miss a single issue of TOPS News, so please be sure to double-check your address when changing it.  We also encourage you to send an email to with your new address, especially if you suspect you have missed one or more issues of TOPS News.  Addresses for TOPS News are pulled at least six weeks before your magazine arrives in your mailbox.  The US Postal Service will not forward magazines for more than 60 days, so please be sure to update your address with us immediately after moving and let us know if you've changed it so we can clear any "bad address" codes from your profile.

When changing your address, use correct abbreviations. If unsure, type entire word. Standard abbreviations include:

  • St. for Street
  • Blvd. for Boulevard
  • Ave. for Avenue
  • Apt. for Apartment

Canadian Members: Postal codes must be entered with the first three elements separated from the last three by one space. (Do not use a hyphen.) Also, a unit number is placed before the civic number, with a hyphen between.

U.S. Members: The post office will not deliver to an incomplete address, so it’s important to include direction and full street name as shown below:

INCORRECT: 130 Main Apt #2

CORRECT: 130 Main St E Apt 2

If using the ZIP + 4 code, please enter ZIP, then a space, then the 4-digit code.

Need Additional Help?

Email support only. Contact technical support at