TOPS® Chapters May Now Meet — Under Certain Conditions




4 Questions to Help You Decide

If you are wondering if your chapter should meet now—or if you should go to the meeting—we encourage you to walk through the series of "Yes" or "No" questions below to help you decide. Remember, in TOPS and in life, you are always your own best advocate.

TOPS members are encouraged to act in their own best interest.

Is your meeting place closed?


Stop No meeting in person. Please see other meeting options and ways to stay connected.

WAIT! What if our chapter has more members than the maximum allowed at our meeting place?
  • If the limit in the building is 10 people, and your chapter has 18 members who wish to attend, you could consider having half the group come one week and half come the next, assuming your meeting place is comfortable with this arrangement. 
  • You could also ask if your chapter could meet in an outside space, weather permitting.


Continue to the next question if your meeting place is open and allowing meetings.  

Is a "Stay at Home" order or government limit on meetings in effect?


Stop No meeting in person.


Continue to the next question if there is not a "Stay at Home" order or ban on meetings in effect.

Are any of the statements below true for you?

  1. A licensed healthcare professional advised me to stay at home.
  2. I feel unwell and/or have a cough, high temperature, shortness of breath, or loss of taste or smell.
  3. I'm in a high-risk group.
  4. I don't feel it's safe for me go out.



Stop Please stay home.

WAIT! What if I need a weigh-in to maintain my KOPS status?

If your Weight Recorder, Assistant Weight Recorder, Leader or Co-Leader is able and willing, you may be able to arrange an isolated weigh-in before or after a meeting or at another mutually-agreeable time. Leader may appoint additional or interim Assistant Weight Recorders if needed.


Continue to the next question if none of the statements above are true for you.

After answering these questions, does your chapter have enough officers and members to hold a weigh-in and/or meeting?

How many members is enough to meet?

Any number of MEMBERS at a regularly scheduled meeting is a quorum (TOPS Rule 12.a).
However, to return to meetings, MEMBERS must be able to answer "No" to all the statements in the questions above and be willing to follow these guidelines.


  • required to comply with any laws, restrictions or legal orders in their jurisdiction
  • required to honor the wishes of, and any rules set by, their meeting place
  • encouraged to follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask
  • encouraged to stay home if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu, or if they know or suspect they may have COVID-19, the flu or another contagious condition.

What if our Weight Recorder isn't available to serve?

The LEADER may appoint someone to fulfill these duties in the interim.

What if our Leader isn't able or willing to come back yet?

If another CHAPTER OFFICER is willing and able to lead the program and discussion, you may meet.

If no CHAPTER OFFICERS are available, a MEMBER may facilitate a meeting/program. Please let your COORDINATOR know that no CHAPTER OFFICERS were available.


What if I have other questions not answered here?

Please contact your COORDINATOR. You can find his or her contact information on the back cover of every issue of TOPS News membership magazine or by typing your ZIP or Postal Code on Find A Meeting.


Be sure to let your Coordinator know when your chapter begins meeting again!