Guidelines for Chapter Social Media

These guidelines are taken directly from page 15 of Making Our Chapter Great - The TOPS Manual for Members and Chapters (Copyright 2020), which is available for members and chapters to purchase in the TOPS Store.

A Great Way to Stay in Touch

Many chapters find that creating a place on social media where members can chat and touch base in between meetings is helpful.

TOPS® encourages members to be in touch in this way if they find it helpful, with just a couple words to the wise.

  1. To ensure consistency of the TOPS® message, TOPS Club Inc. has established these guidelines for regional/local TOPS® social networking sites: 
    1. Page must include unofficial, unauthorized disclaimer.
      Suggested disclaimer: The purpose of this unofficial page, featuring news for and about [insert name of area or chapter], is to help and support each other as we Take Off and Keep Off Pounds Sensibly. It is not monitored or endorsed in any way by TOPS Club Inc. Visit Official TOPS Club Inc. at [insert link to official TOPS® page or use if there is no TOPS® presence on the network you are using]. TOPS® and KOPS® are registered trademarks of TOPS Club Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    2. Page should be regularly updated.
    3. Page must link to
    4. Your local page must “like” or “follow” the Official TOPS Club Inc. page for that network.
    5. Content cannot be in conflict with TOPS® philosophy.
    6. To protect member privacy and open sharing, pages should be created as private groups.

How to Find and Link to Official TOPS Social Media 

Links to TOPS social media can be found by clicking the social icons found at the bottom of every page on our website.

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