TOPS Tips for Staying Connected in the Age of COVID-19

(Last reviewed December 20, 2021) Here are some ideas that chapters around TOPS Nation have been using to stay in touch when they can’t meet in person. Most of them cost nothing and take very little time to set up. 

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  • Try a drive-by celebration! Members can drive by another member’s house for a KOPS anniversary or other celebration with signs, balloons, cards, gifts or flowers. If needed, you can take turns leaving tokens of affection at the end of the driveway or at the front door while staying socially distant.
  • Create a private Facebook group for your chapter and have everyone “meet” on Facebook during your regular meeting time for roll call, discussion and support. See Social Media Guidelines.
  • Organize a discussion group in Facebook Messenger or a similar app that allows members to group chat and talk face-to-face using their device’s camera.
  • Stay in touch with notes and cards. Fun, printable greeting cards are available in the Members Area of and for sale in the TOPS Store. Just sign in using your free account.
  • Try meeting virtually with a free version of Zoom, Skype, Apple’s FaceTime, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger or similar service. When meeting virtually:
    • Don’t force the “regular” meeting format: Skip the Secretary reports, etc.
    • Encourage members to weigh themselves weekly and track progress in their Pound Bankbooks (available in the TOPS Store online). Ask them to report scale and non-scale victories.
    • Have a program—but never just read aloud from a paper. Try picking member-suggested discussion topics from The Tip Jar activity (PDF).
    • Be sure to let members talk about how they are handling “the new normal.”
  • For additional support, be sure to:
    • Continue to check the TOPS Facebook and Instagram pages to connect with other members. We post motivational quotes, recipes, member success stories and more to keep you motivated.
    • Sign up for our email newsletters with wellness tips and pertinent resources in the Members Area or Weight-Loss Tips and Inspiration pages at
    • Keep in touch with fellow members via mail, phone, email or social media.

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