Meet our most successful members!

TOPS is excited to introduce its greatest weight-loss success stories from 2018. These are everyday men and women who made a choice to change and found the help they were seeking at TOPS. Each winner was honored in the spring of 2019 at a regional event, and all were invited to participate in TOPS Club's International Recognition Days (IRD). This year IRD was held in Portland, Oregon, in July 2019. Hundreds of TOPS Club members came together to celebrate their inspiring achievements. Be sure to read their stories below!

Meet Our 2018 International Royalty!

2018 International Royalty

Congratulations to our International Royalty! Esther Manz, our founder, felt that members who achieved their goal weight should be “treated like royalty.” Each year, the best of the best are crowned the TOPS International King and Queen.

From left to right: International King Runner-Up Robert Gough, International Queen Runner-Up Crystal Moore, International Queen Monica Michaels and International King Neil Mulligan.

Meet our 2018 International Division Winners!

This year TOPS honored the 2018 International Division Winners at IRD. The winners provided stories of their weight-loss journeys, so you can read about their transformations and get inspired! What are the Divisions?

First Place

  • Division 1:  Kelly A.
  • Division 2:  Dawn M.
  • Division 3:  Susan G.
  • Division 4:  Rose B.
  • Division 5:  Becky L.
  • Division 7:  Barbara G.
  • Division 9:  Donna P.

Second Place

  • Division 1: Gloria K.*
  • Division 2: Lauralyn B*
  • Division 3: Nancy N*
  • Division 4: Kendalle R.
  • Division 5: Mickey F.*
  • Division 7: Mylene B.
  • Division 9:  Kim B.
Read the stories behind our 2018 International Division Female Winners.

First Place

  • Division 1:  Steven C.
  • Division 2:  Alan D.
  • Division 3:  Joseph G.
  • Division 4:  Chris K.
  • Division 5:  Clifford C.
  • Division 7:  Danny L.
  • Division 9:  Brandon R.

Second Place

  • Division 1:  Gordon P.
  • Division 2: Brian D.*
  • Division 3:  Charles R.
  • Division 4:  Mike C.
  • Division 5:  Richard N.*
  • Division 7:  Art R.
  • Division 9:  Stephen D.
Read the stories behind our 2018 International Division Male Winners.

First Place

  • Division 6:  Rihana S.
  • Division 6:  Daniel V.
  • Division 8:  Lauren M.*

Second Place

  • Division 6:  Kaley W.
  • Division 6:  Thomas V.

Read the stories behind our 2018 International Division Teen Winners.

*Some of our members prefer to keep their stories and photos private.

How TOPS Chooses Winners

TOPS uses three different methods of tabulating weight loss for determining Royalty, International Royalty and Division Winners.

  • Royalty* earn this honor by losing more weight than anyone else in their province or state who reached their weight-loss goal in a given year. They are considered the “king” or “queen” of that state or province.
  • International Royalty are the four men and women (King, Queen, Runners-Up) who lost more weight than anyone else in the US and Canada at the end of the year, and have officially recorded the largest weight loss from their highest weight recorded at TOPS, regardless of the time taken to reach their goal.
  • Division Winners are recognized within divisions which are based on members' starting weights of each year. Winners lost the most weight within their division during the calendar year.
*Royalty before and after photos can be seen on our Facebook page.