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The TOPS Genome Registry project builds on our 50+ year commitment to support research that forwards the understanding and treatment of obesity.

TOPS and Obesity Research

In 1966, TOPS contributed $250,000 ($1.66 million in today’s dollars) to begin the Obesity and Metabolic Research Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin. TOPS had added another research partnership, with the Texas Biomedical Research Institute at the TOPS Nutrition and Obesity Research Center, established in June 2015 to study the causes, health risks and treatment of obesity through genetic research.

How You Can Participate

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The first step in this important study is to fill out an online questionnaire available at the TOPS Genome Registry website.  You can also visit the site to learn more about this important project. Check back for updates on this page.

Meet the Directors

Dr. Michael Olivier
Dr. Michael Olivier

To learn more read the interview (PDF) with Dr. Michael Olivier and Dr. Anthony Comuzzie where they explain more about this exciting new project.

Dr. Michael Olivier (left) and Dr. Anthony Comuzzie (right) are the directors of the TOPS Nutrition and Obesity Research Center at Texas Biomed.

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