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At the 2019 International Recognition Days event in Portland, Oregon, TOPS honored its latest round of International Division Winners. Division Winners are recognized within divisions which are based on members' starting weights of each year. Winners lost the most weight within their division during the previous calendar year. A little healthy competition usually provides extra motivation for our members.

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Female Winners

First Place Winners

Kelly Anthony Before and After
Kelly A. - Lost 111.4 lb.
Division 1

I had to learn to be real with myself. I lived with the disillusion that I didn’t look like I weighed over 300 pounds, but guess what? Pictures don’t lie. It takes work to be that overweight. Not only is it hard on your body, but it is hard on you mentally as well. Physically, I had high blood pressure, hip pain and I was achy all the time. Mentally, I didn’t like going out in public and was worried about fitting into chairs or booths and I sweated a lot.

I don’t have a secret for my weight loss, it just boiled down to eating less calories and moving more. I pay attention to my protein, fat and carbs and I love weight lifting. Now, I find myself wanting healthier food choices. I want my calories to work for me!

When you have a significant amount of weight to lose it can be overwhelming but you are the only person standing in your way. The work has been worth it, but I’m far from done. This is a lifelong course, and I’m going to keep going!

Dawn M. - Lost 117.40 lb.
Division 2

In January 2018, I weighed over 300 pounds. I was on medication for high blood pressure and could barely climb a flight of stairs. I decided I needed to get my weight under control. I started losing weight by eating a low carb diet, drinking more water, measuring my portions and tracking my food. But, I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

In February, I joined TOPS chapter 0996 in Longview, Texas. Thanks to their help, support and encouragement, I lost over 115 pounds and reached my goal in December 2018. I am now off all medications, and I am healthy and actually enjoy exercising. Thanks to TOPS, I feel like a whole new person!

Susan G. - Lost 83 lb.
Division 3

When I think back over my life, there are no memories of ever being in a right body size. I was frightened by the numbers on my scale at home, but I was dreading investing another pile of money in yet another weight-loss program— knowing that I would eventually give up and fail. I had heard of TOPS over the years and as I read more about the support and the successes, I decided to give TOPS to try.

I was greeted with such enthusiasm! I was struck by how long some of the members had been attending and figured there must be something to it. With the help of my doctor, I was able to choose my own eating plan and healthy goal weight. I was reminded that I am an intelligent person and I know what to do. With the help of my TOPS community, I continue to strengthen my healthy habits, learn how to face challenges without soothing myself with food and continue to deepen my commitment to living a healthy lifestyle as I Keep Off Pounds Sensibly.

Rose B. - Lost  67.20 lb.
Division 4

I’ve struggled with my weight for about 35 years. Despite trying, I was unable to lose weight on my own. When I started TOPS I was determined to succeed this time. I kept a cooler in my car, stocked with water and healthy foods. I would take walks during the workday and replenish my body with nutritious foods. I began reading labels and became aware of portion sizes. I tried not to deprive myself of anything. I would allow myself one bite of something if I wanted it—but not more than that.

I walk on my treadmill, weight train, do water aerobics and I’m excited to start hiking this summer. I don’t hurt like I did. I can breathe better and am no longer on blood pressure medicine. I am proud to be a role model for others in my chapter and in my community. I want to encourage anyone who wants to lose weight. It’s really about changing your environment, your diet and really…your life.

Becky L. - Lost 45.4 lb.
Division 5

My weight-loss journey began in January 2018. I had gained about 30 pounds over the last ten years and I did not like the person I saw in the mirror. I decided I needed to take control of my eating habits. My sister encouraged me to join TOPS. We saw an ad in the newspaper and I knew I needed accountability to reach my goal.

I felt at home right away. My chapter was so supportive and friendly. The weekly weigh-ins, contests and notes of encouragement kept me motivated. Now I serve as the chapter Secretary. Walking is my favorite form of exercise. I went out and bought a Leslie Sansone DVD and I joined the YMCA. I go to Silver Sneakers classes and have worked up to 2.5 miles on the treadmill.

I just want all my fellow members to celebrate every milestone and don’t get discouraged. Even a small loss is a step in the right direction. Thank you so much to TOPS for helping me on my weight-loss journey.

Barbara G. - Lost 110 lb.
Division 7

I knew it was the right time to lose weight because my health was starting to feel the effects of obesity. Just over a year ago, I decided to stop dieting and start a TOPS chapter with my husband and daughter. With the support of TOPS, portion control and exercise, I’ve lost over 170 pounds in the last 16 months. I enjoyed participating in contests, setting goals, and attending the weekly meetings.

Emotional eating was my hardest habit to break. I replaced eating during stressful times with walking. I enjoy taking my dogs for walks and in colder weather, I walk on my treadmill and watch motivating TOPS success stories while I walk away the stress. Even though my confidence level has increased immensely, I still struggle with self-image so I have to keep looking at before and after pictures to remind myself of what I looked like before.

My words of wisdom for someone who is struggling is to never let your TOPS membership lapse. Always go to meetings. It’s a process and it takes time…just make the best of it and enjoy every step.

Donna P. - Lost 139.6 lb.
Division 9

I joined TOPS with a friend. My friend quit but I stayed because I had a high school reunion the following year and I wanted to lose weight for it. After the reunion, I started to gain it back. I thought about quitting TOPS but the love and support I got from my chapter was amazing— so I stayed.

Then I started having health issues. My doctor recommended weight-loss surgery. It wasn’t something I sought out but I needed the surgery for my health. I started eating right, walking on my lunch and exercising. The weight started to come off. The week before surgery I reached my 100 pound loss and was able to start my Century Club paperwork.

After surgery, I had good days and bad days—but I never gave up. The new me is much more mobile, confidant and more active than ever before. Being able to do more with my granddaughter is the biggest asset from all of this. I am off all medications and I feel like a new person. I would like to thank all my TOPS friends and family for all the support and kind words throughout this journey.

Second Place Winners

Kendalle R. - Lost 63 lb.
Division 4

I began my weight loss journey after having my fourth child. I was overweight and went into postpartum heart failure. My cardiologist suggested I make some positive life changes to improve the health of my heart. After looking at some options, I was very lucky to find a TOPS group within five minutes of my rural property.

I started sticking to a 1,600 calorie diet and was kept accountable by my weekly weigh-ins. I also tried a new health related activity every month and shared those experiences with my chapter. It didn't happen overnight, but I let my small successes encourage me to keep going. I feel better, and have more energy than I have had in years. My heart has made a full recovery! I've never been so excited about the future, and am so very thankful to TOPS for bringing me on this journey of good health. The support, shared recipes, accountability, and encouragement of my chapter was absolutely essential to my success. You can be a busy Mom of four and still live a healthy lifestyle.

Mylene B - Lost 98.8 lb.
Division 7

I joined TOPS originally to support my mom in her weight-loss journey. I figured if I lost weight too, it would be OK but it was not a priority at the time. What I found was a warm, funny and welcoming group of people that I would look forward to seeing every week and who kept me accountable.

Things got very serious on January 10, 2018. I was at my heaviest weight and I was hospitalized. I was unable to move on my own from my own weight and I was terrified that I would remain that way. Through treatments and with the help from my doctors and physical therapists, I gained back my strength and started losing weight. I was able to start walking and exercising again slowly. It’s still a slow process due to minor physical complications, but I’m watching my portions, drinking lots of water and continuing to do therapy while exercising regularly. I am on the road to recovery and on a great start to my weight-loss journey!

Kim B. - Lost 136.35 lb.
Division 9

I have always been overweight. Approximately six years ago, I fell on the ice, and from then on, both my knees continually got worse with the decrease in activity and exercise due to pain. When I was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease, bowel obstruction and a ventral hernia, none of it could be repaired until a substantial weight loss occurred.

I decided I needed help. I joined TOPS to get support and to help with accountability. I also admitted to myself that I needed more help and tools to achieve my goal. I did a lot of research on different weight-loss surgeries and qualified doctors. I have learned portion control, healthier eating and the importance of three balanced meals. I know it may never get easier, but I am on the right path and I will continue to ask for support from TOPS. I will always be grateful. I am finally losing weight, feeling great and living my life!