Weight Divisions for Determining Annual Winners

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What are Divisions?

To keep the friendly competition fair, TOPS created divisions for our weight-loss recognition program. Members compete with other members of their chapter who are in the same division.

How do I know which Division I am in?

Divisions for adults are determined by a member's starting weight of each year...except for Division 9, which is for any adult member of any weight who has had bariatric surgery for weight-loss at any point. Divisions for minors are determined by age. You can find your Division in the chart below.

You can read more about Divisions and the rules and exceptions for Division 9 in the Making Your Chapter Great Chapter Manual, which every chapter should have. Your Coordinator can also help you with any questions you may have. 

  At Least But Less Than

If an adult member's first weight of the year is:
Division 1 300 pounds 400 pounds
Division 2 250 pounds 300 pounds
Division 3 200 pounds 250 pounds
Division 4 150 pounds 200 pounds
Division 5 no minimum weight 150 pounds
Division 7 400 pounds no maximum weight
Division 9 if surgery for weight loss is still in effect

If an child's age at first weight of the year is:
Division 6 13 years 18 years
Division 8 7 years 13 years