TOPS Weight-Loss Support Works!

Step 1

Commit, or re-commit, to healthy living.

If you’re reading this message, you’re already in the right place. This starts with you – once you decide you’re ready for lasting, sustainable change when it comes to your physical, mental and emotional health, our doors are open.

Members at a TOPS Club Meeting

Step 2

Decide how you’d like to attend meetings.

Weekly meetings can take place online or in-person, with your existing friends or the ones you’re about to make. Pick a chapter near your home, office, on Zoom, or create your own group and we’ll help you spread the word.

Learn more about What happens at a meeting.

Step 3

Sign up!

A deluxe membership is $79 in U.S. dollars, $89 in Canada for an entire year, although we offer a variety of packages to match your budget. Not sure which chapter you’d like to join? Your first in-person visit is free – try as many as you’d like to find that perfect fit.

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Step 4

Work the program

We’ll send you a step-by-step guide on how to get started, along with info about our Exchange System, which will overhaul (and simplify!) how you eat. You’ll start receiving our bimonthly member magazine, gain instant access to our exclusive members-only section of our website, which offers recipes, daily inspiration calendars, a health library, fitness guides and more. Our monthly newsletter will remind you what’s happening, to ensure you don’t miss any of the fun.

Our magazine and resources

Step 5

Get the results you’ve always wanted, for good!

Simply put, we open the door for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. You have the power to change, or save, your own life. We’d love to recognize you at our yearly events, and support you once you become KOPS, and Keep Off Pounds Sensibly. We’re ready when you are!

In short, we do what we do, all for you.

At TOPS, we pride ourselves on being member-centric. And we’ve been this way for more than 75 years. With a mission statement, “To help and support our members as they Take Off and Keep Off Pounds Sensibly,” our nonprofit organization exists to provide you the unwavering support that you need. We’re a peer-to-peer group, no gimmicks; no fad diets. It all comes down to accountability, lasting friendships, and leaning on the people who are in similar shoes.

TOPS is an evidence-based nonprofit organization with strong ties to the medical community – because science doesn’t go out of style. We pride ourselves on keeping costs low, as we believe sustainable weight loss should be accessible to all.