Quick Facts About the TOPS Mission, Vision and Nonprofit Status

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Founded in 1948, TOPS has been helping and supporting our members to take off and keep off pounds sensibly for over 70 years. Read more about the mission, vision, and facts behind our evidence-based program.

How TOPS Works

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Weekly meetings include private weigh-ins and professionally prepared, informational chapter programs, featuring up-to-date information on nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyles. Programs provide positive reinforcement and motivation to adhere to food and exercise programs. Learn more.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose TOPS

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Top Ten Reasons for choosing TOPS in French (PDF) and English (PDF).

TOPS History

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TOPS has a rich history of growth from humble beginnings. Learn more about how TOPS got started by visiting our TOPS Timeline.

TOPS Heritage Society

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The TOPS Heritage Society was established as a way for members and friends of TOPS to join with each other to preserve and continue our rich tradition of helping others live their healthiest lives now and into the future..

Support the Esther S. Manz Memorial Garden


The Esther Manz Memorial Garden, located at TOPS Headquarters, is a beautiful garden and winding pathway lined with engraved bricks honoring TOPS member’s both past and present. Anyone can support the Memorial Garden by ordering engraved pavers, limited edition pins and more.

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